Who we are

Quant offers a foundation of experience and trust

Quant is an independent start-up with an experienced leadership and a highly-driven and skilled team. With headquarters in the UAE, offices in India and plans to expand globally, we are a company that is on the rise.

Quant has established itself as a valuable business partner. With a trusted lineage and the goodwill from Partners like the Hindustan Times Group, Quant offers a foundation of experience and trust on which great work can be produced. Our operations are fast and reliable, our conduct is expert and professional, and our approach is as effective as it is creative.

Quant is a company of real scope, offering a variety of Digital products and services to our customers.

Vision & Mission

To be a trusted business partner across the globe, providing value addition across products and services. To impact positive change for our clients and their customers, through effective campaigns that truly move the need. To always be moving forward, innovating and operating on the cutting edge.

Founder & Director

Amarjit Singh Mehta has over 15 years of industry experience a cross a variety of verticals such as Telecom, Media and Banking. Wherever he has worked, Amarjit instills a strong work ethic and leadership presence, which results in successful projects of the highest quality.

Amarjit has the educational background, a Graduate Degree in Commerce and an MBA in Marketing, in combination with leadership experience in the Digital Media domain to stay on the cutting edge. Having worked at industry leader, Times of India, Amarjit has developed an understanding of brand management, media, digital media, and campaign strategy that few can match.

Amarjit has a comprehensive understanding of the digital media eco-system. He strives to add considerable value to every product, brand and industry that receives his dedicated focus. He is excited to be leading Quant into a bright future and looks forward to making new partnerships and friends along the way.