Online is the best way for a business to find and speak to customers

Digital online. The global significance of those two words on business marketing cannot be underestimated. Online is the best way for a business to find and speak to their customers and there is no turning back from this trend.

Quant will ensure that you make the most of your marketing strategy by producing online campaigns that accelerate business growth.

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Effectively manage and sustain your visibility online

The Search Engine Optimization market is incredibly competitive. Businesses need to be found but in order to do so they need SEO experts, like Quant, to effectively manage and sustain their visibility online.


World class end-to-end campaign management

Taking SEO to the next level is called SEM – Search Engine Marketing. This involves strategic ad buying, which will have a significant impact on the search engine placement for your business. We provide world class end-to-end campaign management including keyword generation, ad copywriting, competition analysis, bidding, and landing page optimization.


Increase your customer base across social media

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a highly effective way to speak directly to your customer. We will create social media campaigns high in content value, which will deliver your marketing message and increase your customer base across all social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.).

Media Buying

Access to millions of high quality web advertising spaces

Quant has the relevant experience and expertise to secure highly effective media buys – advertising that secures the best placement and price for an overall value gain for your business.

Website Development

Websites that are designed to convert for your business needs

In many cases you have less than five seconds to make an impression before a visitor leaves your website. Quant creates websites that are designed to convert for your business needs while also giving your visitors a positive user experience.

Long Form Video

Video advertising that connects with viewers

With strong content and production we can produce successful video advertising that connects with viewers. This format is ideal for encouraging the sharing of content and thus an organic spread of the campaign message.